Monday, May 25, 2009

Schizophrenia/ Bipolarity

This is going to be an ongoing post. Things that a family has to deal with if they have a member suffering from schizophrenia. Articles, medication, thoughts, coping, anything that I can think about concerning Schizophrenia. Starting today - May 24th 2009. Please comment if you want to contribute to this post.
If I see this post going in some positive direction in due course of time, I will try and create a separate blog on it.
1. Here is a website which showcases work by artists that have manic bipolar disorders.
Warning - the work is mostly dark - PG 13 rule applies.
2. An article which discusses the work by Adolf Wolfli. Also termed as Outsider art because it is not influenced by the isms of the art world, neither by its history. He suffered from chronic Schiz and during his stay at a swiss mental asylum produced works which can be described as intriguing and alienating in nature.
Art by Adolf Wolfi

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