Sunday, August 23, 2009

Trust in a Relationship

While random surfing I found this small Google answer.
Trust in a relationship specifically must mean not asking for the other to prove
something. If you have the proof, you would not need the trust.
It's to not know, yet believe.
So how do people build up the initial trust?
As so often, we base  on the future by experiences of the past. There are two
very different approaches, one pessimist and doubtful, and one
optimist and hopeful. In real life, people are usually somewhere in
between the one or the other:
1. A person mistrusts another person, until eventually the other makes
it obvious over time the mistrust is unnecessary
2. A person trusts another person, until eventually the other makes it
obvious over time the trust is unjustified.

P.S. I will miss the snowfall. A few months more and
it will be snowing again in USA.
:( I wont be able to see it anymore.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Feeling, Back

It is almost 15 minutes to 3 am in Bangalore. I type these words as I feel the moist wind on the 6th floor of an apartment complex where my husband and I are staying as of now. I have an office to reach at 9 tomorrow morning and there are no signs of sleep. I wonder how many more men/ women would there be like me, wondering about life at these odd hours when all that is visible is the sleepy city's high rise buildings. Yea, the buildings seem very sleepy and the few trees that exist by their side are exhausted. I do not like this wetness which stuffs up my nose and lungs and makes breathing hard for me, especially in the night. The doctors call it allergy and I will take time to get used to it, perhaps the medicines will make it easier in the coming days. I have opened my windows wide and the ceiling fan is doing its job.

I am back.

P.S. I miss USA and it is 3 am now.