Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yeaaa a sale

So yea, basically someone really made my day by buying a t from me. This one-
Vitruvian Man

Click on the image to take a look at the work. You might just wanna buy either that or any one of the other available designs.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

27 things about me

1. My name is Surabhi and I am from India. When I was born I used to be called Smita. My grandparents could not pronounce it properly and hence my maternal grandmom proposed the name Surabhi, which everyone was able to pronounce correctly (seemingly)

2. I was a spoilt and a pampered kid and I demanded attention(still do I guess)

3. I hated my school years as a kid, only when I came into the ninth standard did I realize it, and decided to get over it, and I did.

4. I always thought I would grow up to be a mathematics teacher. I was fond of arts but I heard everyone say that arts is not what feeds you.

5. I joined Vidyamandir for the iitjee preparation in the 11th standard. I was in the brainiest batch. The only time I felt nice about it was the night travel (roughly 8 in the night) while coming back home from the class.

6. I never flunked except once in "Mathematics" in the 11 standard. I wrote a note to my class teacher not to discuss about it in the parent teacher meeting. She made a point to discuss it. And, I am thankful to her still.

7. I grew depressive in the 12th standard, and there were a plenty of reasons for becoming so.

8. I hate kids aged 4 to 14. I think that might sound ridiculous to most, but I never could get along with any.

9. I love Nature, open sky, flowers, birds and wildlife. I had two parrots in our home. One died and the other soon grew sad, so I set him free. It made me happy and my brother angry :)

10.The 4 years of my college life were the best. I made a friend for life there. her name is Tripti. I laughed the most, started getting over my depression, and enjoyed and learnt that nothing is constant except "PDC" :D

11.While I have minor asthma, physically I am stronger than my clay.

12. Like seasons boys came and left, nothing really mattered except this time. This time I knew I was looking for him. His name is Sanket and I married him last year.

13. I never wanted to leave Delhi, but I knew I needed time away from home. I had no clue what to do after engineering. IIIT B seemed to be the hint and I was excited to live away from parents.

14. I dint really like it, ok let me be honest I grew depressive once again after coming to Bangalore, but decided to hang on.

15. Soon after the IIITB was over, I knew that the ride would be easier thereon. But I was stuck on to certain things in life. I was trying hard to let go of them. I am thankful to Mandy, Sanket, Gops, Kulls, P3 for being there. (Special thankyou xoxoxo to Mandy because he was a bridge and introduced me to you all).

16. If i were not a software engineer, I wud be a software engineer. Not that I love the profession, but I dont hate it either. I think that technology helps make human life better and hence I admire those who create it.

17. Drawing and colors are the reason I live. Black and white are colors too. Ordinary is what impresses me. Colors to me are people, they speak to me. It is still a hobby and I have no intensions as of not to take it up professionally, because I think I will not do justice to it, unless I take up a formal training.

18. They say
that you should learn from you mistakes and that its not okay to repeat mistakes. I say that its ok, because you simply have stopped learning.

19. I am here on Red Bubble and I also participate in illustration fridays (check it out, its fun, all you need is how to express the topic that they have each friday)

20. I am by nature a moody person, If I were not I would be much better off, but its all right.

21. I hate people who play loud music. Especially when the woofers make things around me vibrate. I just wish that their sound systems are buried with them when they die so that they can never rest in peace.

22. Those who really know me, know that I spend 1 hour in the loo in the morning. I cant help it.

23. I am very open in expressing my emotions, be it love or hate. I think public display of affection is fine as long as it is not vulgar.

24. I do not love cooking, but I prefer to eat at home. Going out becomes more fun that way.

25. Alcohol makes misery less miserable nd happiness more happy
I prefer budlite, red wine

26. There are very few things that I get attached to. I am a materialistic woman.

27. Like everyone I have two sides. There is a very negative person who hides inside me and I love cursing.

Kiss me

Friday, April 10, 2009

M Sorry for fighting with you :(

to S :(

Image thief at work

some of my images are being linked from here to this post at askville
This is her Profile
and at the bottom it says “Sources: Mugsie!”
What RB has to say about it:
These things are usually really easy to solve by the copyright holder politely contacting the site administration where the images are being republished. It’s very unusual that a site will not remove an image if requested to by the artist. Where things go pear shaped is when people barge over demanding and threatening things if they don’t take it down. A brief, polite email that also gives a link or other evidence of where the image was first published will normally do the trick.

Personal Opinion: Amazing, if someone thinks so worthy of my pictures and links it back to my RB profile, I am perfectly OK with it.

Mughal Style of Flower Painting

This one is inspired by the mughal style of flower painting.

Tight Rope Walking

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I got this mail today(Spam), but it is fun to read. Have a laugh

From Desmond williams

Please reply this mail to my private email address (

Dearest One,

Greetings. With warm heart I offer my friendship and greetings, and I hope that this mail will meets you in good time.However strange or surprising this contact might seem to you as we have not meet personally or had any dealings in the past. I humbly ask that you take due consideration of its importance and immense benefit.

My name is Desmond williams from Republic of Sierra-Leone. I have something very important that i would like to confide in you please,I have a reasonable amount of money which i inherited from my late father (Nine Million Five Hundred thousand United States Dollar}.US$9.500.000.00.which I want to invest in your country with you and again in a very profitable venture.

Currently I am residing in Ivory coast now with my younger sister Sussan williams where my late father deposited the money, so i will like you to reply me immediatly so that i will give you more details about everything.

I‘m expecting your reply for more explanation. Please i‘m urgently waiting for your response and I am conceding 15% of this money to you for your efforts and assistance in this transaction.If acpected then forward me your full informations such as your direct telephone and fax number,full name and address,with your bank account number where you wish the money to transfer in your country.Please reply this mail to my private email address (

I will wait untill i hear back again from you.

Thanks and God bless you.

Our sincerely regards to you,

Desmond and Sussan Williams

Illustration Friday - Idle

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Daily Junk

Enlarge to see the massive brain bombardement

The First Puzzle

Guess what is it. I will tell what this is on the 14th of April. If someone is able to guess it right, he or she will be rewarded.
muahahahahahh, the painting is by S

Monday, April 6, 2009

Prize from Princess Pepper Cloud

Here he is the Rooster that represents the year I was born 1981. It is a special prize from a very talented illustrationist Kim De Young. Thank you PPC, for the wonderful gift.The detailed description of the Rooster is here :D. Click on it to see it in large.

IF Talisman

True Love protects us from the evil. It gives us the strength to face the tough times. People who really love you stand by you in all circumstances especially the bad ones. It is my idea of talisman for this week IF's theme. Enjoy!!!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sita Sings the Blues - Illustration Friday - Theatre

The much awaited animation by Nina Paley is out, and can be watched here Sita Sings the blues. It is Nina's own story intertwined with Sita's. The narration by the shadow puppets was excellent . The music in the movie was Annette Hanshaw's jazz vocals. Looks like Nina, kind of reversed the idea used in Moulin Rouge. Overall its is a movie worth watching. The movie comes under the "Share Alike License"
Open Source , Free Culture is the way to go.!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


the bitch cant get over some things, she lives for the moment and spits on the rest :P

PS I Love You

Simplified, how does this one look

Dear Visitors to my blog,
I just want to let everyone know that I love you for visiting my blog and patiently viewing the pages. Although comments are always encouraging, nonetheless, I appreciate that you take time out and check out my works. Please see that your critique is also welcome. I thoroughly enjoy this hobby and any type of feedback would only help me to improve my skills.

Now enjoy a wedding gown especially designed for the spring season. Love ya all. xoxoxo

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sky and the Earth Meet

and they puke colors


Nazar Battu

@Home A nazarbattu aka Evil Eye Warder (India) is used on the door to guard against the evil-eye.
Warning: What follows is a rant

By the way (totally unrelated) I watched gulaal today, Anurag Kashyap's latest movie. He totally stinks in that movie. Take my word and dont watch the movie. The movie lacks clarity, precision and is not even artistic. I liked his No Smoking for its true surrealist format. Even Dev D for that matter captured the young urban and grungy lifestyle. I really do not understand the idea behind this movie. Is it the struggle of a Rajput( played by the Menon guy) for his Rajputana identity? Somewhere between the movie, I felt the sheer madness of all the characters, adding up first and later rising exponentially. Obviously the end of such a reaction would be a dooms day. The movie is more like a collection of short ten minute stories in bits and pieces.
The Good thing is that I saw the movie at home and while seeing it, I drew the thing you see in this post. I am totally irritated, like my test bunny bang bang.
Holy Crap, go watch the movie if you want to end up being miserable like me.