Tuesday, April 14, 2009

27 things about me

1. My name is Surabhi and I am from India. When I was born I used to be called Smita. My grandparents could not pronounce it properly and hence my maternal grandmom proposed the name Surabhi, which everyone was able to pronounce correctly (seemingly)

2. I was a spoilt and a pampered kid and I demanded attention(still do I guess)

3. I hated my school years as a kid, only when I came into the ninth standard did I realize it, and decided to get over it, and I did.

4. I always thought I would grow up to be a mathematics teacher. I was fond of arts but I heard everyone say that arts is not what feeds you.

5. I joined Vidyamandir for the iitjee preparation in the 11th standard. I was in the brainiest batch. The only time I felt nice about it was the night travel (roughly 8 in the night) while coming back home from the class.

6. I never flunked except once in "Mathematics" in the 11 standard. I wrote a note to my class teacher not to discuss about it in the parent teacher meeting. She made a point to discuss it. And, I am thankful to her still.

7. I grew depressive in the 12th standard, and there were a plenty of reasons for becoming so.

8. I hate kids aged 4 to 14. I think that might sound ridiculous to most, but I never could get along with any.

9. I love Nature, open sky, flowers, birds and wildlife. I had two parrots in our home. One died and the other soon grew sad, so I set him free. It made me happy and my brother angry :)

10.The 4 years of my college life were the best. I made a friend for life there. her name is Tripti. I laughed the most, started getting over my depression, and enjoyed and learnt that nothing is constant except "PDC" :D

11.While I have minor asthma, physically I am stronger than my clay.

12. Like seasons boys came and left, nothing really mattered except this time. This time I knew I was looking for him. His name is Sanket and I married him last year.

13. I never wanted to leave Delhi, but I knew I needed time away from home. I had no clue what to do after engineering. IIIT B seemed to be the hint and I was excited to live away from parents.

14. I dint really like it, ok let me be honest I grew depressive once again after coming to Bangalore, but decided to hang on.

15. Soon after the IIITB was over, I knew that the ride would be easier thereon. But I was stuck on to certain things in life. I was trying hard to let go of them. I am thankful to Mandy, Sanket, Gops, Kulls, P3 for being there. (Special thankyou xoxoxo to Mandy because he was a bridge and introduced me to you all).

16. If i were not a software engineer, I wud be a software engineer. Not that I love the profession, but I dont hate it either. I think that technology helps make human life better and hence I admire those who create it.

17. Drawing and colors are the reason I live. Black and white are colors too. Ordinary is what impresses me. Colors to me are people, they speak to me. It is still a hobby and I have no intensions as of not to take it up professionally, because I think I will not do justice to it, unless I take up a formal training.

18. They say
that you should learn from you mistakes and that its not okay to repeat mistakes. I say that its ok, because you simply have stopped learning.

19. I am here on Red Bubble and I also participate in illustration fridays (check it out, its fun, all you need is how to express the topic that they have each friday)

20. I am by nature a moody person, If I were not I would be much better off, but its all right.

21. I hate people who play loud music. Especially when the woofers make things around me vibrate. I just wish that their sound systems are buried with them when they die so that they can never rest in peace.

22. Those who really know me, know that I spend 1 hour in the loo in the morning. I cant help it.

23. I am very open in expressing my emotions, be it love or hate. I think public display of affection is fine as long as it is not vulgar.

24. I do not love cooking, but I prefer to eat at home. Going out becomes more fun that way.

25. Alcohol makes misery less miserable nd happiness more happy
I prefer budlite, red wine

26. There are very few things that I get attached to. I am a materialistic woman.

27. Like everyone I have two sides. There is a very negative person who hides inside me and I love cursing.

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