Friday, April 10, 2009

Image thief at work

some of my images are being linked from here to this post at askville
This is her Profile
and at the bottom it says “Sources: Mugsie!”
What RB has to say about it:
These things are usually really easy to solve by the copyright holder politely contacting the site administration where the images are being republished. It’s very unusual that a site will not remove an image if requested to by the artist. Where things go pear shaped is when people barge over demanding and threatening things if they don’t take it down. A brief, polite email that also gives a link or other evidence of where the image was first published will normally do the trick.

Personal Opinion: Amazing, if someone thinks so worthy of my pictures and links it back to my RB profile, I am perfectly OK with it.

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Surabhi said...

Oh boy, looks like the links were removed, after RB contacted them. Hell No, I liked them there :D