Sunday, January 15, 2012


Well, its one of those nights , when the pain in the neck just does not seem to go away.
And, the box of medicines cures everything but pain. Maybe because the last time pain occurred was long back.
Anyhoo, some peice of shit. Shit too needs to come out.

No, I have not seen it all.
But life, becomes a lump.
Stuck somewhere in the middle.

Patterns and matches,
They dissolve without much sense.
Inferences lost meaning long back.

Abnormality always wins,
Normality one step behind, chasing.
Like a good friend.

Doesn't Alcohol save the day?
And painkillers, the night?
I have the keys, but yet to find them locks.

No, its not over yet,
But life, it just lives me up.
Dies with me each day.