Thursday, May 28, 2009

conversation G -1

Today I had a voice chat with G after a long time. He is looking forward to start going to the day care center at Rithala(New Delhi, India). It is a new venture by a group of 3 Psychiatric counselors. The plan looks honest to me although I am not quite sure if it can be as hopeful as one wants it to be. They want to make people like G self sufficient, financially independent. I doubt those terms even when it comes to being used with normal people like me. They are charging 7000 Indian Rs per month to take care of them and teach them gardening, designer candle making and running a local cybercafe cafe at the center. The counselors say that after a period of about 7 months they will be in a position to make some money from either of these ideas. For instance selling the candles, plants and running the cafe. And, accordingly the money being taken from their guardians will be reduced. I would be delighted if they could involve an artist. Because G really loves to draw. The drawing or paintings that they make can be sold to corporates or better still auctioned off to galleries or art houses. Am I being Utopian here? I do not think so because I have heard that it is already being done in Dubai and USA. His art is unconventional. It might seem quite alienating in fact to many people, but yes that s art to me. As long as that money goes towards the benefit of G and his friends, I will keep hope. I will try and contribute as soon as I get a job. Hmm I love G a lot, the way he is. His excitements, his miseries and his sense of loneliness makes me tear at times, but I hold on to my reality. Just so that he can hold on to me when the time comes. (PS mom and dad are taking care of G quite well but in due couse of time I will taking charge of him)
He is super excited and waiting for the 1st of June when he will start to go to this place. I have no idea if he will be able to continue going there on a daily basis in such a hot weather. And, the increased levels of his anxiety during traveling in public wears him down even more. That is why I am thinking of a place where he can just work from home, data entry kind of a job, drawing, painting ....something on those lines.
Scratching my head , scratching ....hmmm

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