Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Illustration Friday - Impatience

There are so many things that are flooding my mind. Issues related to my health and career. I have developed asthma because of the pollen and dust allergy. I have started medication today. The attacks just sap the energy out of me and make me feel so irritable and impatient. I have a job, but I do not necessarily like the work I do. Illustration Friday gives me a great opportunity to look at the illustrations which are all superb. Viewing them makes me calm and that is what I need to be, so that the things become better with time.
Click on the image to view it larger.


Pankaj said...

When you say, India...this is the impression which comes to your mind...its the modesty,and art of being conservative; which is portrayed in your painting...I like it.

Surabhi said...

Thank you so much Pankaj. I wanted to bring out certain aspects such as the use of bindi, sindoor, the use of flowers on hair and not overdone makeup :). I love working with a lot of color and I think color itself is a great part of our culture.

Danielle said...

She looks so beautiful and so sad. I hope your asthma gets better with treatment!

Alisa said...

Oh you poor thing! Asthma is the pits!
Slow and steady is the key, and strangely I think it helps in art as well, so easy to get swept up in the hustle and bustle and forget to really use our senses. The colours in this work are gorgeous!!