Thursday, April 8, 2010

Please do not gift

Yesterday, a close relative who is visiting us, decided to gift me a dress material. The kinds that I never wore, and never will. Whilst, in my head I was wondering where to dispose it off, the word that came out of my mouth was a feeble "Thanks". The worst part is that it seems to happen almost always with me. Is there any way of sending signals to friends/ family such as the one above. :(


Stuti said...

Aaaah! It's not just me. :|
There is nothing more irritating than to be gifted something that is completely against your sensibilities (yes, I know I am not being greatful). If you do find a way to avoid such messy gifts, please blog about it! :D

Koshy said...

it happens with me too.. it just gets so irritating. i collect all of them and give it to my maid's children as diwali, holi and birthday gifts..