Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Just some time back, while having a casual discussion about work/life etc with a cousin, I was startled at a remark she made. She said that the only problem managing work/life she faces is the abundance of choices. "There s far too many choices available, that's my problem", she said giggling.
If only I had one more choice, my life would probably be different, or may be I have the choice but my usual sense of logic or the lack of it, prevents me from choosing what I dint choose.
Its as if the mind is trapped within a box. The 180 degree movement that the eyes can make do see some possibilities, but its hard for the mind to break the barriers.
I need to paint.


Stuti said...

Oh, your cousin was right! We have too many choices, but we cannot pick. Most of my troubles originate from that. That and well, the thought of fighting all those choices.

Pilgrim of the moon said...

I recommend reading "The Power of Intention" by Wayne Dyer

Surabhi said...

Thank you Pilgrim...I ll surely check it out.

Anonymous said...

I think your post is really interesting. Coincidently... I am having a course on borders and boundaries. How we tend to create a shell around us - psychologically, culturally, idealogically... and how this begins to define our identity.
Whether these borders are valid or not, is a constant question in the mind. We obey or disobey these borders from time to time and that's what we or the world too identifies us with.
Even the skin. It's a border... a limit to the body.