Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cant Sleep, But I dream Big

I am going though a phase where I find it a little difficult to sleep.
And I end up feeling groggy the whole day.
The whole week went away like that.

acrylics on canvas
, current soundrack


arty said...

Sorry to hear that Surahbi. Sleep is so important. I hope you overcome it very soon.
Lovely painting.
Take care Surahbi

Surabhi said...

Thank you dear Arty. I am glad you liked the painting.

Stuti said...

You are really, really talented Surabhi.
How big is this painting? I am thinking close to 40 inches?

Surabhi said...

hahaha nope not that large my dear. I am am thinking of going big soon. Thank you for the encouraging comments Stuti.

RepublicOfChic said...

Very beautiful!

Surabhi said...

Thank you Republic O Chic.