Friday, March 6, 2009


Its getting pleasant day by day. It will get beautiful says S in West Lafayette in sometime. I can hardly wait for Spring...I love the Sun, heat, flowers and things bright and colorful.


Sanket said...

Don't worry maadkobeda! Spring will come.

Surabhi said...

I know it will, you also come home now. Coffee beku

Anonymous said...

The spring is not seemed to be fully captured in these colors. Unlike your paintings I see somewhere (may be on redbubble), darkness behind, that too at the top right corner makes it a bit gloomy.
ALso thick and mixed colors for the flowers will not picture the full freshness.


Surabhi said...

Thats true. I agree I am not able to capture a lot of freshness in these two. Hmm perhaps the one that I will post now would be a better choice.