Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Roll on

I woke up seeing a crazy insect scurrying in front of my eyes. Fuck, I later realized that the poor guy would be more scared than I was. Well, I have been having my lows. Have not been really feeling my hundred percent. Let me explain you what that feeling exactly means in a little detail and a little scientifically. Lets say that we compress the size of the day from 24 to 6 hours and I fast forward whatever I do four times to fit into the day, what we get here is an output which is 16 times of what I am producing as of now. Well, I might not be completely accurate in the mathematics, but I think, I have roughly conveyed what I am looking for.
I did some random drawings today and helped S with some of his research diagrams. I havent completed them, will need to sit for some more time on it with him. They are 3 D diagrams on his research related to distributed networks. That s the closest I am these days to the world of IT.


Anonymous said...

am sure u scared the poor insect...u look scary!

Surabhi said...

you look scarier :P