Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Yet

A friend recently asked me about my plans to have a baby. I understand that being a mother or having a kid can be the most wonderful thing after marriage ;). I also know that once in a while the genes give rise to a motherly instinct. And this is common knowledge that my parents and in laws are expecting a baby soon. My answer to all such related questions is a simple "Not Yet". The next thing they look for are reasons. Its rather irksome when it comes to explaining people that you are not ready. And it becomes repulsive when one suggests (they may not quite say it loud and clear) that I have got nothing better to do. I am perfectly happy and at peace at this stage of my life with myself and my husband. People might have their own standards and measurement systems for weighing the quality of life. I have my own and I am the best judge to tell if I feel complete or not. People who think otherwise are nasty and all I can tell them is to "Butt out".


Sanket said...

"[...]having a kid can be the most wonderful thing after marriage[...]"

No, nothing is wonderful anymore after marriage. Marriage is the last act in the life's comitragedy. ;)

Surabhi said...