Thursday, February 19, 2009

Iluustration Friday - Intricate

Indian Miniature Horse Elephant Camel Painting

inspired by the Indian Rajasthani Paintings
A delightful depiction of a caravan of elephants, a camel and horses set for a distant journey, is a fine illustration of majestic wildlife. It is typically done on artificial silk / antique paper/ wood and involves a lot of intricate handwork. For this week IF theme I took inspiration from this traditional work.
This is by far one of my own favorites. I drew each of these figures on A4 sheets using pencil. Had taken photographs and then arranged them on computer. I would some day want to get a print of this work to hang on the wall of my dining room. If you d like to hang it by your wall, you may order it on red bubble here :


get zapped said...

The color and intricacy reminds me of some henna designs. Lovely work!

Surabhi said...

Thanks sweetheart. glad you liked it. xoxo

Amy C said...

wow these are beautiful, I absolutely love miniature paintings we have a few framed up and I never get tired of looking at them

Surabhi said...

Thanks Amy for the appreciation.

Ais said...

really nice... it is nice to see indian art.