Saturday, February 21, 2009

Do You deserve this?

Many times you find yourself in circumstances which make you ask yourself "Did I deserve this". The answer is No, Not at all. We are most often than not, not responsible for the things turning bad in our lives. The only thing that one can possibly do is try and stepping over the hurt and pain. Just like the way we forget about our bad dreams. It is difficult to wipe off some stains but if we open up our mind and heart, the stains shrink. Slowly the stains get covered by better and brighter things.

So, next time when questions like, "Why did it happen to me in the whole damn world?" or "Why always am I picked up to suffer?" come to your mind, take a step towards the light. Nothing comes for free, except one's life and it is in our own hands to make it livelier. Try it, it would not be as hard stepping out of the pain not deserved, as living in it.

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