Monday, November 9, 2009


So I have put on almost 3 kgs after coming back to India. The reason being no exercise. Back in the US I was doing all the household chores myself, cooking healthy food for us and keeping things in check. Now with the job and stuff, it s tough to find time for these things. I still have breakfast and dinner at home, but lunch is in office. And, I think I end up eating more of it. I am planning to find some aerobics classes just for weekends(like an hour on Saturday and sunday).
This really sux, I cant any longer fit into my old jeans.
I ll seriously have to become more careful about the whole thing now. I so wish that the firm that I work with had a gym. That way I could have atleast, taken out some time out of those sedentary 10 hours in office. I will try and come up with some POA on it SOON.


arty said...

Not to worry Surabhi. 3 kilos (almost) isn't too much. You strike me as a person with a strong will so losing them will be easy. :)

Surabhi said...

Hi Arty, I am equally lazy too :D. But I shall try. Thank you for your sweet comments.