Tuesday, August 31, 2010

5 ways to say no

1. Vanish, just get lost somewhere
2. Die, no one could possibly come running after you
3. Commit a crime against the person coming after you in which case he might kill you which is similar to point 2
4. Get some dangerous disease which spreads merely by seeing you.
5. Kill the person coming behind you, but the chances are that his ghost may never leave you even if you die.
because delegation does not work, you always will be the start and the end node of this damn stupid automata spinning in an infinite loop.


Sympathy for the Devil said...

okay :)

Surabhi said...

Hey Lakshmita, How are you doing?
long time no see.

Tanvi said...

Was it supposed to be sarcastic? I did laugh though :P

Surabhi said...

Hi Tanvi, just a rant on one of the days when the work goes overboard. :(
and feels like one has reached a deadend.

arty said...

Interesting :)