Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Three two one

These are final three days for my hubby and me in the USA, as we prepare to leave on Saturday morning for home(India). We were here in the state of Indiana for a brief one year period. My husband was invited to the Purdue University in Jan 2008 by a professor who found his PhD thesis interesting and wanted him to work on one of the projects here in his department. We got married last year and I decided to take a small break from work thereafter. My hubby has been my best friend and a confidante for a long time before we decided to marry. I have enjoyed this long break for two reasons. The first obvious reason was, getting to spend a lot of time with my hubby. I love him so much and hope that I can be a good partner to him. The second reason was getting a break from work. It helped me relax and recover from the blues of corporate life. I am quite refreshed now.

My husband is at a point of starting his career. It will be a tough time for him. All I pray for, is strength, patience and faith, to be able to support him through this period. I hope his defense goes on well and he finds a good job.

Keeping fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

All the best to you both, and a safe trip back Surahbi.My prayers are with you both.

Surabhi said...

Thank You Becky, that means a lot. Would love to keep in touch with you from there as well. Many hugs and kisses.