Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Why are we happy - TED talk by Dan Gilbert

Whilst browsing through the videos on TED I stumbled upon this talk by Dan Gilbert on "Why are we Happy?"
Things have not always worked in my favor. I have not always got what I wanted, and when I complained, my friends and family told me that I am not the only one who is suffering. At that moment I felt like giving a punch in their faces. However now, in retrospect, I have come to realize, that they were not totally wrong, that it was not all that bad after all, and that I did get over things which troubled me.My brain helped me synthesize happiness in myself and changed the way I perceived certain things in order to achieve it. I "moved on" in simple words.
Here is the link to video
The video has influenced me in a good way. The next time I find myself in a state of dissatisfaction, because of an unfulfilled desire or need, I would know that it would not matter in due course of time. I will perhaps, move on with it faster, to try and fulfill something else.

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